Monday, May 8, 2017

Graduation 2017: Officially an SLP

Happy Tuesday!

I am jumping back into the blogging world to share a few pictures from graduation! I am now Caitlin Williams, MS CF-SLP! It has been a long strenuous journey. The days were long but the years were short. I am glad to have the all-nighters, exams and classes behind me. It's bittersweet because I am officially done being a student, and my cohort won't be a desk away. 

I am thankful to all of my family, friends, cohort & Zack for putting up with my attitudes, stress & tears. Yall deserve a medal!

Right now, I am moving and wrapping up the last details of our wedding. I will be back to the blog soon :) 


  1. Congrats!! My husband graduated with the same degree last year, so I know all those tears & stress were justified. :) Good luck with the rest of wedding planning!


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