Friday, December 9, 2016

Christmas Book Review

Christmas books for me are the equivalent for Hallmark Christmas movies. They have become a new tradition for me. I wind down in the evening by reading, and it's the perfect way to ease into the holiday spirit. 

This year, I am sharing my latest reads that will be out (or just published) this year!

Juniper island is home to Neve Whitaker and her family. She manages the Stardust Lake hotel. Christmas time on the remote snow-covered island is truly magical. 
But, her heart isn't in it this year. She's dreaming of Oakley Rey, as in Hollywood's hottest star, Oakley Ray. She chose to end their relationship but not before a huge surprise. 
This book is the perfect Christmas storybook romance. The people of Juniper Island truly capture your heart. 

Debbie Macomber is back with a new Christmas story, and it's the perfect romance to read cuddled up by the fire and your Christmas tree. 
Julia begins a blog, titled the 12 Days of Christmas. She starts out by trying to show overbearing kindness to a scrooge, who just happens to be her neighbor. Julia falls head over heels for him, but he isn't to excited about her when he discovers the blog. 

My favorite part in the whole book is Cain's grandfather, the perfect meddlesome gentleman. 

Kingsbury's tale is sweet and perfect for Christmas. It's real life, the family is grieving for lost loved ones and praying  for comfort over the holidays. The comfort they seek turns up in the most unlikely of places- the transplant recipient of their sister's heart.
This tale reminds us of love and redemption- what Christmas is all about. 

Have a good weekend friends!


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