Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Show & Tell Tuesday: If I won the lottery

Happy Tuesday!

I realized over the weekend how sporadic my posts have become. Y'all this season of life has hit me like a ton of bricks... It's busy, it's hard and I am mucking through... I wear business casual for clinic and sweats and dry shampoo for the rest of my days... Not exactly the best pictures to share, friends. With all that said, I have never had such peace in my heart about where Zack is coaching, and that I chose the right field. We are immeasurably blessed. 
I am going to get back into the regular schedule of posting and spend more time with it... so now onto one of my very favorite link-ups (thanks, andrea)!

I have been looking forward to this post since I saw the STT calendar. 

Today we are sharing about..... What we do if we won the lottery! 

First off,  in order to win we have to play.... I am so bad at this, I never remember to buy lottery tickets for the big Mega million drawings!
But for today, I'm going to pretend that I bought the winning lottery ticket of the mega-mega million ;) 

I would tithe 10% to our church and to the mission organizations on our heart.
We have opened our hearts to adoption and we know several local organizations who support adoption. 
We love our church family, and we love how they value those who hurt in our community. 

I would pay off our student debt. 

I have debt from graduate school that I would love to wipe off! I would also pay for Zack's, my sister-Erin's & his sister-Baylee's education. My great-aunt gave us money for higher education and I want to pass that on to future generations in our family. 


I would spend my winnings on buying a house. Asheville has gotten so expensive, and I would want to buy some land and build our dream house on. 

I dream of sitting on our porch drinking coffee... 

I would buy all the puppies at our local shelter, and I would buy a few bulldog puppies for Zack ;) 
He fell in love with Petunia when we were house sitting, and he has wanted one ever since.
Afte we get back from here: 

I would spend the summer in Greece. And while I'm there, I would hop on over to the rest of Europe. 

For all my friends joining the link-up, I cannot wait to see what you would do with your lottery money :) 
Have a great week!


  1. This was such a fun thing to think about! Love that you have a mix of practical things and fun things!

  2. Paying off student loans would definitely be on my list too!

  3. YES on paying off loans! An even bigger YES on adopting all the pets! I've always said that I would want a farm made up of adopted cats and dogs. How great would that be?!


  4. I find that my blogging comes and goes as well, don't put any pressure on yourself! What a special gift from your great aunt, and how wonderful that you want to pass that on! I have 26 nieces and nephews so I don't have that option, but you have inspired me to think of something special I can gift to each of them - my new 2017 challenge!


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