Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Show & Tell Tuesday: Gifts I want to receive

Yay! It's almost time for a holiday break. I have all of my classes today, and then I am home free for a few days! Yipee! 

I am linking up for Show & Tell Tuesday with Andrea to share my Christmas 4. One thing I want, one thing I need, one thing to wear and one thing to read. 
I love this idea, especially for little ones. 


I have decided I want the Apple Watch. I have loved my fitbit  (I got for Christmas last year) but I have had to replace it three times. Thankfully, it's been under warranty. I am ready to transition to something a little prettier, and something I can keep up with text messages. When I am seeing patients, I can't check my phone but I want a way to keep up for emergency purposes. 
I realize how #firstworldproblems that sounds, but it made sense in my head 😉

This watch will be on sale at Target on Black Friday for $198!


New workout clothes. Since October 2nd,  I have been working out consistently 3x a week. I am literally running through my old workout clothes. I have had some since I played ball in high school (7+ years ago). I need a few new pieces to carry me through the winter!


I am all about sweaters, gold jewelry and vests. I would be so happy if Santa put any of these items were under my tree. 🎅🎄


 I am recently getting back into quiet time and my devotionals. I have decided I want to beginThe One Year Bible in January with a devotional to finish the entire bible in one year. What a blessing it could be!

Thanks for reading! 


  1. Last year I started off with the best intentions to read through the Bible in one year but I wasn't very successful. I did purchase Savor to use as a devotional and was more successful with that although it ended up on backorder and I didn't receive it until March. I'm planning on starting from the very beginning on January 1st, reading through all 365 lessons and keeping a specific notebook that goes along with it.

  2. Great list!!! I noticed you were in asheville..my in-laws live in fairview, & we frequent the beautiful Asheville area often! Glad I stopped by from the link-up!


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