Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Fall Book Review

Hey friends!
Whew, it has been a busy Fall!

Today, I am sharing my Fall Book Review Roundup. Whew that's a mouthful.
Books are my way of unwinding after a long day of giving speech- therapy, or spending 8 hours listening to lectures. Sometimes I just need a break.

My books this Fall have been page-turners. I hit a slump with one book and decided not to finish it. However, the next four have been my type of book- a little comedy + a little romance. :)

Curious Minds

Curious Minds is the first Janet Evanovich book I’ve read (gasp, I know). I am fully hooked after reading the story of Emerson Knight & Riley Moon. Emerson, the wealthy & brilliant man is odd to say the least, and his social skills are lacking. Riley, a fiery Texan and Harvard business grad comes into his life after landing her dream job. Her “babysitting” situation leads her on the adventure of a lifetime. Evanovich excels at her ability to create supsensful and fun twists and turns in this ingenious novel. I highly recommend this book as a Christmas gift for the book lover in your life.

Good in Bed

Cannie’s worst nightmare has come true. Her ex-boyfriend plastered their relationship all over a women’s magazine, and called out her insecurities. The article “Loving a Larger Woman” opens up new and old wounds. Cannie is out to change herself for the better… during this, she discovers new friends, new perspective and new love.
Weiner brings home women's insecurities while infusing comedy and the path to self-love. I would highly recommend this romantic comedy to my girlfriends.

The Wedding Belles

Alexis Morgan has it all- a successful wedding planning business, good friends, a perfect apartment, a sexy business partner…. But something is missing. Her friends & co-workers are all married off, with a beautiful wedding of course.

Logan her silent business partner has put off taking over the family business. He has big plans to marry Alexis, she just doesn’t know it yet. As he pursues her, she discovers a new love in an old friend. The Wedding Belles is a clever and modern romance novel that brings the heat.
I love all things wedding related, and this fit the bill. I have already bought the other two books in the series... even though I read the last one first. :) 

The Adventures of Katie Button

Katie Button keeps having romantic dreams about a dashing man. Except he's the brother of the guy she's dating, AND her new boss. 
Could this guy be her soulmate? Her friends think so, and the dreams are so vivid that they feel real...
Katie must find a way to end these dreams, and fast, before they ruin her dream career. 
 When I first started reading this book, I was so lost. Once I figured out that they were dreams, I was hooked... I couldn't wait to figure out how she was going to be reunited with her eternal soulmate. Koch did a fabulous job!

Next time on my book review, I will be sharing my favorite new Christmas books. Reading them have already put me in the Christmas spirit! 


  1. Good in Bed sounds like the perfect casual read, an easy read but one with enough of a plot line that it keeps your brain thinking!

  2. So many great book suggestions - I've been wanting to read that Jennifer Weiner book :) Might need to pick it up after all!



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