Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Stranded with: 3 pairs of shoes.


Today, I am linking up with two of my favorite bloggers - Erika & Shay- to talk about the 3 pairs of shoes I would bring on a deserted island... Let's be honest... I would never be able to only pick just three. I bring at least 3 pairs of shoes for an overnight trip. I mean you can never be too prepared right, boy scouts? 

Erika & Shay

 So if I had to choose, I think I would pick these eight three pairs: 

Hunter Rain Boots 

Just in case it rains, I will need the best rain boots...

I love my red (watermelon) pair, but I am certainly drooling over the bright coral 

This pair comes in a close second... I happened across this pair in Belk on my way to a football game. I heard on the radio that a storm was rolling in, and I immediately turned into the mall to grab a pair. It's funny how the impulse buys can turn out so well! 


The stranded island requires sandals. I would have to bring my Toms Lexie Sandals & my Tevas. 

Booties & Wedges 

This is the island of fun, right? Not survival ;) On that note, I imagine the island to be a mix of perfect summer weather by day, and cool, crisp Fall at night.
To match the fall weather, I am going to have to bring some boots. 

This pair of Toms are my favorite wedge I own. It's not too tall and is comfortable all day long. 

I am counting this pair of booties in the same category as the Toms wedges... My Lucky Brand pair of booties are the best pair of shoes I have owned. I also impressed with how they have held up. They are a MUST HAVE for my island adventures.


Since our island has Netflix, I am assuming we are going to be cozy. I would have to bring my favorite slippers

If I had to choose one brand  of shoes to bring to the island, I would choose...


( although you probably could have guessed it based off the above choices)

I couldn't do a shoe post without mentioning my burlap TOMS. They are the best summer/fall neutral and SO comfortable!

Thank you ladies for such a fun link-up! I can't wait to get "inspired" from your top 3 choices! :) 


  1. I love Toms too! They were on my list as well!!

  2. Oh my gosh your hunter boots are so pretty! I have the standard navy and love them, but I'm definitely swooning over that deep red pair now!


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