Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A letter to 16 year old Caitlin

Happy Tuesday, Friends.

Today I'm linking up for Show & Tell Tuesday with Andrea . I love this week's theme. I can't wait to read all of your good advice ;)

Dear Caitlin,

Today you probably feel stretched to thin. I know you are worried about all the things you have to do-school, volleyball, basketball, homework, and club meetings. Cherish each moment you have, and don't worry about the little things. You will go to a great college, you will make friends and you will come into your own. Don't feel left out today, you are loved more than you will ever know.

Hug your friends, mom, dad, and Erin. Play with your puppy. Squeeze in every moment you can with Memaw. Drink the sweet tea, the day is coming where you can't. 

Trust your gut about your boyfriend. Next thing you know, eight years will have passed and you will be marrying that once silly 16 year old guy. He will be your rock through the hardest time in your life, and he will make you laugh until you cry on a regular basis. Also, it might benefit you to listen to the football talk, because you are on your way to being a coach's wife. 

You will get to see God's plan for your life at work. It will be better than you can ever imagine.You will realize how His hand is upon you and your future Go to church when you would rather sleep. . Let go of your anxious heart, & trust Him. 



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