Thursday, June 16, 2016

DIY IKEA Rast Dresser for under $60

My first official IKEA project.

DIY IKEA Rast Dresser

Awhile back, Zack & I made the trip to our nearest Ikea. I like to think I convinced Zack to drive 4 hours round trip just for my dresser, but it's really because he wanted to go to a football clinic too. 

I have been on the hunt for the perfect nightstand for about 2 years. I haven't found one that was affordable and not particle board. I found a few from Target I strongly considered, but then I was introduced to the Rast dresser.

If you haven't seen it on Pinterest, this is what the Ikea dresser looks like. The best part? It's unfinished pine wood and it's ONLY $35! 

DIY IKEA Rast Dresser for under $60

Zack so kindly put it together for me, and I had plans of how I wanted to finish it. 

Here's the beginning stages.

DIY IKEA Rast Dresser for under $60

After sanding, Zack primed it and we let it dry for a day.

DIY IKEA Rast Dresser for under $60

The paint I went with was Ralph Lauren Lintel Gray from Hone Depot. 

DIY IKEA Rast Dresser for under $60

The Rast Dresser comes with wooden knobs that didn't really match the new gray color. I found the square knobs at Home Depot too. They were around $2 a piece. 

DIY IKEA Rast Dresser for under $60

If you look in the screenshot picture above, you can see that there is a little divot below the bottom drawer.  We added a 2x4 that I cut down to make it flush. 

DIY IKEA Rast Dresser for under $60DIY IKEA Rast Dresser for under $60

The final product! I loved how it turned out! The only regret I have is that we didn't buy two. I am planning to use this at our first place, and now I want matching night stands :) 

DIY IKEA Rast Dresser for under $60

A little brighter. My headboard doesn't currently match anything in my room. Right now I'm deciding if it's worth reupholstering it, or if we plan to buy a new one next year. 

DIY IKEA Rast Dresser for under $60

Total Nightstand (dresser) cost: $56
$35 for dresser
$12 for drawer pulls
$9 for paint supplies

What's your favorite DIY project? I am going to tackle this project next for my therapy supplies


  1. It looks awesome! We totally should've done that... I ordered a nightstand from Target that I love, and then Michael ordered this cheap one from Amazon...and they don't match AT ALL!


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