Thursday, June 23, 2016

5 Reasons Why I Love POPSUGAR'S June Box (& you should too)

This week has flown by. I started my new placement (yay) and I'm loving my new caseload. As always,  the night before a new adventure, my mind won't turn off. During my over thinking process, I realized that this time next year I will be: married, back from the honeymoon, moved in AND an official CFY-SLP! 
Oh my goodness. Yep, my stomach was in full butterfly mode all night. 

This week got so much better after I started getting my feet wet, and I recovered from my future planning.  Wednesday, I came home to a surprise from POPSUGAR! 

POPSUGAR sent me the Must Have Box to try... and I LOVED it!
Actually, I have 5 BIG reasons to try it for yourself. 

Every month they curate the perfect box. In April's box they had Chrissy Teigen's new cookbook, and May had they had a full size Gaiam Yoga Mat. 

5 Reasons Why I Love POPSUGAR'S June Box (& you should too)


Hat Attack Sarong. This beautiful Sarong will be perfect over my summer suits, and it can even double as a lightweight scarf! 

5 Reasons Why I Love POPSUGAR'S June Box (& you should too)


Cheers. What a cute little bottle opener! Perfect for summer drinks on the back porch :)


5 Reasons Why I Love POPSUGAR'S June Box (& you should too)
Who am I quiz? I think this is my number one favorite thing in the whole box! Not only is it perfect for game night with my friends, but it's perfect for speech therapy with my adult patients! Gosh I can't wait to break it out.

5 Reasons Why I Love POPSUGAR'S June Box (& you should too)


A cute little compact. Perfect for touching up my hair before walking into my next class or meeting with my next clients. && it's lightweight and doesn't weigh down my overloaded purse. 


Born on the 4th Nail polish by NCLA. This cruelty free polish will be pulled out next week for the holiday weekend. It's full of Red, White & Blue stars & bars. 


You may be thinking 5 reasons she loves the June box? But there's 7 items in the picture? Okay, so the jury was still out on the pretzels & underarm wipes.
The pressels are spicy & yummy. I had my family try them too and it got mixed reviews. Basically if you like sriracha, these pretzels are for you! 

I did't want to try the wipes before clinic, and so I waited until I got home yesterday to try them. They are awesome. They were perfect for changing from my work clothes to my dinner date clothes. So they are reason #6! :) 

If your interested in learning about past must-have boxes, click here

Past boxes have included S'well water bottles & Pixi by Petra Book of Beauty. I wish I would have been a subscriber back in February, I saw that they had a $20 Victoria's Secret gift card! 

Unsure if you want to commit to the big box? They have mini's too! It would be perfect to try for a little less investment :) 
Check them out here

Thank you again POPSUGAR for my June box! If you subscribe to POPSUGAR can you leave your thoughts in the comment section? 


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