Friday, May 6, 2016

Friday Favorites: School's Out Edition

It's finally Friday!

Hey friends! I'm back with Friday Favorites and I'm linking up with some of my favorite people:  
Andrea, Erika &Narci to share my 

Favorite things from this week!


I'm DONE with my first year of Graduate School! So excited for a few weeks off before clinicals & summer classes start back. 

Friday Favorites: School's Out Edition


It's been beautiful in WNC. This weather is perfect!

Friday Favorites: School's Out Edition


I am finally getting my furniture put together! Zack hasn't heard how hard it is to put ikea furniture together, & I'm hoping to keep it that way ;)

I bribe him in Starbucks green tea

He wouldn't take a picture with me, but we've both declared it our new favorite.

Friday Favorites: School's Out Edition


My Mama.
Geez, I could rave about her for days. I am forever impressed by her ability to be a momma and a full-time Physician Assistant. I'm also grateful that she will come pick me up when I get the stomach bug during the last week of classes.
Happy Mother's Day!

Friday Favorites: School's Out Edition


Time off with this guy before football.
I'm hoping my May is full of Mexican food, ice-cream dates and wedding registries.

Friday Favorites: School's Out Edition

Have a great weekend & I hope you all get a chance to hug on your mamas.


  1. Congrats on finishing your first year!!! Wooo! Glad you and Zack will have some free time together!!

  2. I hope your May is full of that too! Congrats on 1 year of grad school down! I'm so glad this semester is over!


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