Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Stranded with...3 Things from my medicine cabinet

Happy Wednesday!

Today, I am joining some of my favorites Shay & Erika for their new link-up party.

What 3 things would I bring from my medicine cabinet?

Well, this one is a tough-ee.  

ONE: Moroccan Oil

When I think of deserted island, I think tropics. Which then makes me think of the humidity. I don't know if you know this about me, but my hair is a hot frizzy mess if I don't tame it. I recently discovered Moroccan Oil & it's powers. I think I could make do with my hair if I had a bottle of this & a hair band. 
If you have hair that would have been perfect for the 80's (like me) you need this stuff in your life.
Click here to shop all the moroccan oil products

TWO: Mia Clarisonic

For my birthday & Christmas present, my sister bought me a Mia Clarisonic. It has really been a game changer for my face. In this season of life, I am stressed out & not eating the healthiest. My skin has taken a beating from this grad school life, but I swear by the clarisonic. My skin feels smoother, looks healthier & I am having less breakouts. I would feel awful without it!

I linked a few options because Nordstrom is price-matching & the hot pink one is on a really good sale! Shop all of Nordstrom's clarisonic products here

THREE: Toothpaste

I could probably make it without my floss or mouthwash, but I would need the toothpaste! I hate when I have the fuzzies on my teeth. I've forgotten a toothbrush a time or two and have learned the toothpaste on my finger method. 

FOUR: Insulin 

I know I broke the rule and had more than three, but I guess this ol' pal has to tag along. It wasn't as fun as the other three, but I would have to have it! :(

This was such a fun post! I can't wait to read everyone's must haves!

If you want to link-up, here's the schedule :)


  1. I think everyone is going with the no fuzz teeth :) As we all should :)
    Yep... a good facial on a beach would make it seem more spa like, right? :) I still want one of those so badly!

  2. Clean skin and frizz free hair, I'm with you on those two. I agree that your 4th is a necessity, and should totally be allowed. Picking only 3 items was really hard. We are a society that is really, really into all our "stuff." Being stranded without all of our faves would be so miserable!

  3. Hello from the linkup! I had a hard time picking three items for sure! But I would love to have clarisonic with me on the island if I could!

  4. Toothpaste! Totally didn't even think of that... but YES. I hate the fuzzy teeth feeling!

  5. I love my Clarisonic!! That's a total must ;)


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