Wednesday, March 30, 2016

What's up Wednesday: March Edition

It's time for What's Up Wednesday! 

Today, I am linking up with some of my favorite bloggers:  ShayMel and Shaeffer for What's Up Wednesday

1. What I'm Eating

What's up Wednesday: March Edition
Ice Cream. I am so excited that our favorite Ice cream place has opened for summer :) 

2. What I'm Reminiscing about

My best friend's baby just turned two, and I was looking through some of my pictures, and I was blown away at how itty bitty he was. He went from this little baby to all boy in a blink. I can't imagine how she feels.

What's up Wednesday: March Edition

What's up Wednesday: March Edition

3.What I'm loving

This weather. I am so happy when it's sunny & warm. 
What's up Wednesday: March Edition

4. What I've been up too

I just had my wisdom teeth out! So not much. I was doing great the day after the surgery. Then boom, I was knocked back a little bit on the third day. I was surprised at how much it took out of me.
What's up Wednesday: March Edition

5.What I'm dreading

  Well, it's that time of the year again... Finals. We are 5 weeks away from the end of my hardest semester. I am so ready, but also very anxious.

6. What I'm working on

I am working on  creating a new logo & website for a friend. I love being able to channel my creative outlets. I often find myself working on this when I should be doing school...Whoops ;)
What's up Wednesday: March Edition

7. What I'm Excited about:

I am so excited that we got to start shopping for bridesmaid's dresses. This little shop had the most beautiful dresses.
What's up Wednesday: March Edition

8. What I'm Reading/Watching

I just finished Hart of Dixie & I need a new netflix series to watch. Send help, or ideas, those work too :)

9. What I'm listening too

Not much. I have learned that silence is when I'm most productive. I realize I'm different. 

10. What I'm Wearing

I spent all last week in sweats. So comfy has been WIW lately! I also love this baseball tee from Old Navy. It's my closet go-to when I want to be comfy but somewhat pulled together

What's up Wednesday: March Edition

What's up Wednesday: March Edition

11. What I'm doing this weekend

I am planning to get my hair done, spend time with family & rest. Hopefully, I'll be back to 100% next week. 

12. What I'm looking forward to next month:

I am ready to get some items on my to-do list done. Hopefully, I can get those marked off in April.

13. What else new: 

Not much else is new here! :)

Headed to see what's up in your life! 
Thanks for a fun link-up!


  1. Good luck bridesmaid dress shopping! I had so much fun doing that for my wedding!

  2. Ouch - wisdom teeth. That's always an event.
    That ice cream cone!!!!!!
    Have fun bridesmaids shopping. They make the prettiest dresses anymore


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