Tuesday, March 8, 2016

My Hometown: Asheville NC

Hometown: Asheville NC

I am linking-up with Andrea for another Show & Tell Tuesday to share about my hometown.

I am so excited for this post... My hometown makes my heart so happy. You may have heard of Asheville, NC on the news as one of the top places to live, and it now made the list of places to travel alone: 

Asheville is rapidly growing and it's also now known as Beer City USA, but it's always been home to me. 

Above you saw a picture from the Blue Ridge Parkway nearby and here are a few from my front &  back yard.

Asheville is also home to the beautiful Biltmore Estate, America's largest privately owned home. It's truly the most beautiful at Christmas but Spring comes in close second.

The back porch

The view from the back porch. George Vanderbilt owned all the way to the second ridge line, which is actually pretty close to my house!

I had such a hard time with the lighting on this one, but I wanted you to see the size of it!

Downtown is changing rapidly, we love the new local food scene. I haven't remembered to take any pictures of our trips there though!

I couldn't mention my hometown without mentioning my high school. In our neck of the woods, high school sports are taken very seriously, and are a huge part of "home" to Zack and I.

In high school, we both played multiple sports and spent a lot of our time there.  We actually met at the football stadium where he now coaches. It also helps that it's one of the most beautiful stadiums I have ever been too.

I get butterflies every time I pull in here for another game. It's a part of what makes Asheville home. Also, you see the mountains back there? They are the perfect color in October :) 

Thanks for reading about my hometown. When I was younger, I couldn't wait to get out of Asheville. Now, I don't want to leave; the mountains are home!

Can't wait to read about your hometowns! 


  1. So glad I saw this!! I went to Asheville for a day back in December when I was visiting cousins in NC. I could easily spend a week there! It was so much fun!! And I am laughing that it's a top destination to travel alone to...I'm on my way! :) Have a great

  2. I love love love Asheville and I'm so excited that my boyfriend and I are coming back to visit again later this year!!!

  3. Asheville is such a beautiful place! My friend and I were talking today about how we loved eating at the "cute McDonalds" there! :)

  4. Asheville looks so beautiful! Thanks for sharing your hometown!

  5. I adore Asheville! It is booming right now! My parents have a home in Tuckasegee so we often venture to Asheville to try new restaurants and activities!



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