Wednesday, February 24, 2016

What's Up Wednesday: February Edition

It's time for What's Up Wednesday! 

Today, I am linking up with some of my favorite bloggers:  ShayMel and Shaeffer for What's Up Wednesday

1. What I'm Eating

I have been trying really hard to eat healthier, but my birthday week really got me off track. I had way to many tacos, birthday cake, donuts & starbuck's drinks to count!

What's Up Wednesday: February Edition

This week, I am getting back on track:
What's Up Wednesday: February Edition

2. What I'm Reminiscing about

In all honesty, I haven't had much to time to reminisce! I have been pretty busy working on the present :) 

3.What I'm loving

I am loving how close to spring we are! I am over the winter weather and ready for it to warm up!
What's Up Wednesday: February Edition

4. What I've been up too

I have been wedding planning, working on grad school things and trying to play catch up on all my assignments and blog posts!
Wouldn't this be a cute shower outfit??
What's Up Wednesday: February Edition

5.What I'm dreading

Getting my wisdom teeth out. Ouch! 

6. What I'm working on

Lesson Plans :(  & Blog Posts!
New post coming soon!
What's Up Wednesday: February Edition

7. What I'm Excited about:

Booking a venue.
We have finally booked a venue! I can't wait to share more soon, we are finalizing a few details!

8. What I'm Reading/Watching

I watched Season 1 of Madame Secretary & I began watching Hart of Dixie. It's a cute show that's nice to have on in the background and not too intense that I have to really focus on it.
I am reading a new wedding book from Memaw & coloring in an adult coloring book.
What's Up Wednesday: February Edition

9. What I'm listening too

Potential Wedding songs- I told Zack he could pick out the music, since he is a way better car DJ than I am. He has really gotten into it and has been sending me all kinds of music to listen too

10. What I'm Wearing

My new Evy's tree sweatshirt. I really love what this company represents and I love treating myself to a comfy and cute hoodie every now and then!
What's Up Wednesday: February Edition

What's Up Wednesday: February Edition

11. What I'm doing this weekend

I am hoping to catch up with a few friends I haven't seen since school started back.
We are also going to try and squeeze in a date night to see Deadpool.
I sure love date nights!
What's Up Wednesday: February Edition

12. What I'm looking forward to next month:

Spring break! That was easy :) 

13. What else new: 

I got a new computer! My old one finally bit the dust. I would leave it on my desk, and I would pick it up to move it and my battery would still be sitting on the desk. I feel like it did well to last 6 years with clumsy me!

14. What's your favorite Easter Tradition

We don't have any specific Easter traditions, but I love getting together with family to celebrate the best holiday of the year,  Easter!
What's Up Wednesday: February Edition

Headed to see what's up in your life! 
Thanks for a fun link-up!


  1. That wreath, those colors, I love!!!! I feel you on the schoolwork stuff. It just never ends. Hoping you get caught up or get ahead with it!

  2. Ahh - all the fun wedding planning happening. I am a wedding photographer so I get so caught up in everyone's wedding planning.
    That outfit would be great for a shower! So light & fun
    Your birthday is the only time allowed to splurge on all the yummies! I love a good birthday cookie... with TONS of ICING!!!!

  3. Wedding! I love that outfit for a shower.

  4. That outfit is so cute for a shower!
    And, you are totally allowed to get off tracking with eating when it's your birthday!
    I also LOVE Evy's Tree!!!
    Thanks for linking up with us!!!

  5. Oh man that salad looks sooo good. I love that sweater you're wearing in that picture with ZacK! That dress would be so great for a shower, and how exciting that you booked a venue!


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