Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Kitchen Dreaming: Big Chill Style

The heart of the home: the Kitchen

With all this snow NC has had recently, I have found myself stuck inside. As I may have mentioned before, my busy mind can keep a girl occupied, even on the snowiest of days. While everyone Netflixes (I think I just made that a verb), I day dream. My day dream this time was about my girly kitchen. Big chill (here) approached me a few weeks ago asking to work with me... They were looking for a kitchen inspired by the Pantone colors of the year. Now being the informed blogger that I am, I immediately searched the colors. Oh my goodness y'all, they are so chic, sweet & feminine compared to the Marsala of last year. Okay, well fast forward a few days, and there I was dreaming of a girly kitchen and this post was born.

I realize my dream kitchen will remain a dream, because I don't think I'll be able to convince Zack to buy me a Pink Lemonade fridge, but I'll still show this post in the hopes that he may buy into my crazy shenanigans.

I have always dreamed of a red kitchen. and it's a little more likely that Zack will agree to this vision. How cute would this fridge be with our rustic chic decor we're registering for?

Clean & Simple kitchens make my heart happy. The white appliances are calling my name... I can just picture the ways I would style the crisp, cool white appliances with stainless steel. I am drawn to this because you could effortlessly refresh your kitchen with new colors through out the year.

We have a fridge style similar to this at home, and it's absolutely perfect for tall people. The fridge doesn't pile up with food we have forgotten about, and it's easy to get into when you have your hands full. 

I am now dreaming of our first place and how we will decorate. I will be considering Big Chill for all of our appliance purchases.

Do you ever dream of a new kitchen? What's the "must-haves" on your list or registry?


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