Friday, February 19, 2016

Friday Favorites

It's finally Friday!

This was such a long week, and I am looking forward to doing nothing this weekend. We will see if that actually happens.,, 
I am linking up with my new (& old) blogger favorites:  AndreaErika & Narci to share my favorite things.


On Tuesday, I linked up with Andrea to share my favorite pins! It was so fun to see what everyone else loved... Go check out my post here for more "pin-spiration"


Trader Joe's flowers are the key to my heart... I went to buy tulips for Memaw on Valentine's Day and they were sold out, but these beauties came in close second. 


Speaking of keys to my heart, Zack made me a birthday dinner and invited our best friends over for a simple & quiet night at home! It's a blessing and a curse having a birthday near a holiday. We had the best time! 

Sorry the picture's blurry but this was my view from the couch, I wasn't allowed to help cook


My new outfit for my birthday was a favorite! It was also one of the most comfortable things I own,,,

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!


  1. Those flowers are gorgeous! Glad you had a good birthday. That cookie cake is pretty, and sounds so good right now.

  2. Those flowers are beautiful! Love your birthday outfit!

  3. Trader Joe's flowers are definitely the best! And you can't beat the price! :) Hope you're having a great weekend!


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