Monday, January 25, 2016

Let's Talk: New Years

Happy Monday!

I am linking up with some of my favorites Andrea & Erika for the Let's Talk series. 

Let's Talk New Years

New Years...

I don't know if I have ever made (or kept for that matter) New Years resolutions... I sometimes feel that it would set me up for failure. In the past, I have taken care of myself pretty well, so I never felt the need for a HUGE change. 

This year, I have been frantic, stressed, and busier than ever before. My self-care has dipped... so this year (and more specifically, this semester), I am going to work on healthier habits.
I shared my original post here about my resolutions during the first of the month, but now that I am back in school, I wanted to add a few updates.

Healthier Habits for me include:

1. Exercising three times a week.
I am working out my schedule to figure out what days are best. I am such a creature of habit, so it'll take a little bit to adjust to a new routine.

2. Read the Bible more
I am hoping to start a devotional and spend more time in prayer. Anxiety about a test, a job, a huge project can get the best of my attitude... This is a great map for handling those situations with grace. ***Update, I have already fallen behind on this one, and looking for a devotional to get back on track, PLEASE feel free to leave me your suggestions below.

3. Less Screen Time
I suffer from a busy mind. I always am on the go. When I sit down and "relax" my phone is often in my hand. I need to let go of the need to "be on" and work on being present in the moment.
***Update: This one has happened accidentally. I have been on social media less and less because I don't have the time during the day to scroll through it like I used too. I find this a hard balance because I am trying actively to grow my blog, yet I don't want to spend all my down time on my phone,  or laptop. Balance is a hard thing!

I can't wait to read everyone's New Year's Posts :) 


  1. I'm looking for suggestions on a devotional too!! I hope someone has a good suggestion

  2. You need to download the She Reads Truth app!! It's fantastic and very solid. The Lent study begins February 10! I'm doing the Genesis study right now, and I've done a lot of their other studies.
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts


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