Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday Favorites: Snowmageddon 2016

Friday Favorites

Whew. My short week has felt super long. Anybody else feel that way? Maybe it's because I am getting anxious about WEDDING dress shopping ;) I have "all the feelings".
Today's Friday favorites will be featuring our Snowmageddon  2016 weekend. 


On Thursday, I raced home before the snow... even our apartment complex sent us an email saying to go home (as in, away from school) if possible. It worked out great because I was able to help out at Zack's teams football banquet. 
Then we went home to get snowed in! 
Day: 1
Friday Favorites: Snowmaggedon 2016

Day: 2  It was so much colder the second day with the wind! We had to bundle up extra!


We spent most of the afternoon sledding on the first day. When I woke up on Friday morning, I couldn't believe how much we had already! We ended up with 14 inches! That's a lot for us here in NC

Friday Favorites: Snowmageddon 2016


Mia was so cute in the snow. We were sledding in the back yard and she found one of her old tennis balls. For about 20 minutes, she would toss it up in the air and lose it in the snow. This was her face after digging in the snow. 
Friday Favorites: Snowmageddon 2016


Snow Cream- I have never had it before, but we mixed up a batch (Thanks, Pinterest). We all like it okay, but I think if we were better prepared it would be better :)

Friday Favorites: Snowmageddon 2016


After we finished sledding, we went to Hannah & Ethan's for dinner. It's great to be snowed in when your best friends live within walking distance. While we waited on dinner to be ready, Zack & G played with my phone... This is what I opened when I went to look at my pictures from sledding.
According to Zack, he loved the sound the camera made :)

Selfie by G :)

Look at his little face! :) 

Have a great weekend, everyone! 

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