Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Show & Tell Tuesday: Christmas Decoration

Happy Tuesday, friends!

I am in the midst of finals week, and boy is it kicking my rear. I am currently accepting love in the forms of coffee & prayers. Hehe :) 

Today, I am linking up with Andrea from Momfessionals to share my Christmas decorations.

Okay, I have to be honest here... 
I am behind the rest of the blogging world, and I haven't got my tree up just yet. (I promise I'm not a grinch, just behind)
I shared this on Friday, but it's still applicable.

On Sunday, I went to put up the tree in my room, and I couldn't find the top of it. I may have shed a few tears, and dramatically said Christmas is ruined. My emotions are all kinds of crazy between the stress of finals and clinic shenanigans. Zack handled my finals induced meltdown with ease (and a few laughs) and promised he would find my tree top & help decorate it before I got back home.
He's a keeper, y'all. 

Since I am in the Christmas spirit, but haven't finished decorating, I am going to share decorations from years past.
My tree "theme" is purple & silver. It's one of my favorite combinations, and I have been buying bits and pieces to decorate it with over the years. I have also added a few items that don't match the tree perfectly ;)

Our family tree has colored lights & it includes our treasured ornaments full of memories from years past. Mom still has the ornament her parents got her from the first Christmas my parents were married. 

When my family is feeling extra festive, we put up a tree on our sun porch. I love how it looks from outside.

Memaw also gets a tree, she loves the blue & silver.

Zack's tree is perfect for him! According to him, the tackier the better. He loves the oversized tinsel, even on his small tree.
We started dating in December, and our first Christmas together I bought him an ornament... 7 years later, and going on 8 Christmases, he has quite the collection.
It's a great way to relive some of our favorite memories when we decorate his tree. 

Speaking of traditions, I can't wait for this yummy breakfast on Christmas Morning!
And I can't wait for this yummy peppermint pie for dessert :)

In preparing for this post (or procrastinating studying), I started shopping for this years ornaments and I found these... I wish I could have five different trees with multiple themes :)

 Kissing Santa and Mrs. Claus Ornament,  • Holiday Lane • $9.99
Reindeer Matte Ornaments  • $17
  Snowflake Ornament • $6
Christmas Tree Ornament • Kate Spade • $18.75
 Christmas Tree Ornament • Spode • $19.99
 Drop Christmas Ornament • $9.60
Hanging Letter Ornament • $6.40
Molly Hatch  Cheer Ornament • $18
 Hanging Letter Ornament • $6.40

I hope everyone has a great week!
Can't wait to see all your pretty decorations :)


  1. Adorable decorations! The Christmas morning breakfast may be my new go to! That looks delicious!!! :)

  2. I love the porch tree, that is a great idea! Good luck on your finals!

  3. Love it all! That purple tree reminds me of my Grandma who passed away several years ago, she LOVED anything purple and had a mini purple Christmas tree too. :) It makes me wanna go buy a mini tree and all the purple ornaments!

  4. Very pretty! Good luck with your finals. Merry Christmas to you and your family!


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