Friday, December 18, 2015

It's the Grad Life: Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!

One week until Christmas!
Are y'all ready, or still have unchecked boxes on your list??
I am so so close to being ready. I just wish the last few presents would wrap themselves. Sometimes being a perfectionist comes back and bites me.

And it wouldn't be Friday without linking up with  AndreaErika & Narci to share my favorite things from this week && I am linking up for the first time with A. Liz Adventures to share my 5.


Comfy Clothes. I have worn comfy clothes all week! I feel like this puppy below. ;)

I am so excited about my new pajamas. It makes two for the Christmas season, but I couldn't resist 40% OFF  #dangyoutarget
It's the Grad Life Friday Favorites

It's the Grad Life Friday Favorites


This month I participated in my first blogger gift exchange. It was set up through elfster (check it out here) and we had a secret santa exchange online! It was a great experience. My "santa" Megan spoiled me rotten... I can't wait to debut my new blanket scarf. She also gifted me a beautiful notebook. I can't wait to doodle all sorts of blog ideas. :) 
Thanks again, Megan!


Below (he may kill me) you can see some one sound asleep in MY blardigan! I think he now understands my obsession. I have three... He also asked if they make them in his size, but he won't wear it out, just at home.
I laughed so hard.
Blardigan is Shaeffer and Shay's term for this beauty.. It's half blanket, half cardigan.

Zack showing his Blardigan LOVE

My Blardigan was picked up during the Anniversary Sale.

It's the most cherished piece in my closet. :)

It's the Grad Life Friday Favorites
I also love the Navy  Stripe. It was perfect for Fall football games.

A "Baby" Blardigan is on my wishlist this year. I love the look without the extra bulk. If your family reading this, my birthday's in February ;)


Melanie Shankle has been one of my favorite authors. "Nobody's Cuter than You" was the perfect graduation gift for my roommates. I teared up, was embarrassed for, and literally laughed out loud while reading it. I bought myself another one in her collection this weekend. I can't wait to read for fun! :) 

It's the Grad Life

It was a good week for mail :)

It's the Grad Life Friday Favorites


It's Christmas week! Here's to hoping I finish my errands and spend some quality times with the ones I love most :) 

With a thankful heart,


  1. Ohh, you got some super cute stuff in the exchange! Can't wait to see the blanket scarf!

    I love that picture of Zack in the blardigan, so funny!

  2. Have a great weekend.

  3. Eek! You make me want a blardigan so bad! Haha!

  4. I want a blardigan, but I'm not ready to pay that full price for something I've never tried on! I will wait until the next anni sale to buy it!

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  6. I read "Nobody's Cuter Than You" over the summer after graduation also and it was one of my favorite reads!! I've been dying to read her other books ever since!! My blardigan's are my absolute favorite too! Stopping by from the linkup! ...also I just realized after reading more of your blog you're also an #SLP2B too!! I'm currently applying to grad school for the fall. Would love to chat more about grad school later!?

    1. Yes! I would love to chat! Feel free to shoot me an email @ :) It's such a stressful time, let me know if you need anything!

  7. yayayayay I finally found you! haha i'm your secret santa recipient - thank you so so much for my wonderful gift! :) that blardigan looks amazing - definitely grabbing one during the next sale. happy holidays! xo jacqui @ drinktheday

    1. I'm so glad you found me, and got the gift!! I am headed to check out your blog now :)


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