Friday, December 11, 2015

It's the Grad Life: Friday Favorites

Friday. Oh how I love you!

Today, I am linking up with my favorite bloggers: AndreaErika & Narci to share my favorite things from this week.

Y'all I did it! I made it through my first semester of grad school alive! 
And now I am home to celebrate Christmas!


This view is my number one favorite this week:
It's the Grad Life: Friday Favorites

It's the Grad Life: Friday Favorites
Home for Christmas! & Our house is decorated! It made my heart sing :) 


Zack put up my Christmas tree for me yesterday while I unpacked. It was the perfect way to celebrate finishing finals 
I tried to capture a few of my favorite ornaments. Primitives by Kathy have my name written all over them.

Friday Favorites, Primitives by Kathy, It's the Grad Life

Friday Favorites, Primitives by Kathy, It's the Grad Life
Shop other primitives by Kathy here:
Click on the picture you like 

Last night I wore my new Christmas pajamas. I bought the set from Aerie because they had Long's in the pants #tallgirlproblems ;)

It's the Grad Life Friday Favorites


My favorites are kind of short this week... It's been a rough few days. Zack (if you're new to the blog, is my boyfriend of 7 years & he also coaches football) needs your prayers & thoughts. One of his players was killed tragically in an accident, and his best friend (who is another one of Zack's players) was at the wheel. Our community, and especially Zack is heartbroken. If you could keep the families, the coaches, players and friends in your prayers, I would appreciate it. My heart aches for them as we approach the Christmas season. 
It's the Grad Life: Friday Favorites

Thank you friends, and I hope you all have a fabulous weekend.
TWO weeks until Christmas!


  1. Oh those poor boys. Just said a prayer for them all, and your boyfriend.

  2. I have #shortgirl problems so I guess regular sizes don't work for either of us. Love the pjs

  3. Oh my goodness. Praying for Zach, the team, and the family of the poor kid. Ugh that just hurts my heart around this time of year. By the way, your lights look amazing!

  4. Oh no I will keep Zack and his team in my prayers
    Chelsea @

  5. I love that ornament with the tree in the back of the truck.
    Oh no, that's awful. :( I'll be thinking about the whole team as well as the family and friends of the boy who was killed and the driver.


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