Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Show & Tell: A day in the life

A Day in the Life...

This has to be one of my favorite link-ups in the history of link-ups! Today, I'm joining Andrea in Show & Tell Tuesday: A Day in the Life. 

My routine feels a little boring, so I am excited to see what everyday looks like for you girls!

I thought I should share two days:  a Thursday (because my classes are T/Th) & a Friday (because that's my favorite day of the week!

I want to switch it up & talk about my Friday schedule first :) 


8:15 AM

My alarm goes off & I begin the process of getting ready. My coffee maker goes off at this point, and  I grab a cup before getting dressed or turning on lights :)

9:30-12 p 

I am on campus for office hours. Part of my assistant-ship requires me to be around for students in Phonetics.


I head home to Asheville, this is a tree on the road  I live off of.
No filter needed :) 


I run errands, check emails, clean my room.
Let's be honest, errands usually involve a run to target & starbucks ;)


When I get back from running errands, I hang out with my memaw and we all go eat dinner. 
Isn't she cute? 


Kickoff for Zack's game. I typically am there a little early because I am pretty anxious by this point.


By this time, the game is usually over and I meet Zack after. Typically I head to pick up food for Zack & I from Sonic. It's his "tradition" as he calls it. 


Zack makes it home after all his post-game duties & we eat and watch the 11 o'clock news with the highlights of tonight's game


I am hopefully in bed by this time, and Zack heads home to sleep before early morning film meetings.

7:15 AM

My alarm goes off... I am not a morning person. I wash my face, brush my teeth, put make-up on, fix my hair (I shower at night), and get dressed. Hopefully, by this point my automatic coffee maker has done it's job!

I get all my stuff together and rush myself out the door around 8am.


My first class of the day...I sometimes eat breakfast in here to stay awake. Fluency disorders is really not my thing.


Pre-school Language Disorders. We work in groups which really helps keep me motivated, and awake! Yay!


Adult Language Disorders. This is by far my favorite class. I love it, and the time flies. Here's a little aphasia humor for you :)

I think this one wins. #ryangosling


It's time  for clinic class, and I wolf down lunch, while one of our clinic supervisors provides us with information we need for clinic :) 


Articulation and Phonology disorders. This class is really useful to me, but I hit a wall around 3p. My attention span is shot this time of day.
Image result for ecards about naps


I finish up at school & head home to make dinner.
I also unpack all my stuff & prepare for TGIT! 
If I am really motivated, I get to work on some homework....ok, well I think about doing homework...that counts, right?

Thanks for sticking around!
Can't wait to see everyone's posts :) 


  1. I love reading these day in the life posts! Your day is so different than mine, so it's really interesting to see what another person's life is like. Getting a little peak is the best! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Oh how I love this little glimpse of your life! You brought me back to my younger years :-) Asheville NC? If so I am jealous! It is so gorgeous there!
    -Erin (No Bohns About It)

  3. Day in the life posts are so interesting to me! Loved seeing your routines!

  4. Love this! How much longer are you in school?? Also love your Sonic tradition. My brother and I have one and I love when he says "Molly we have to because it's tradition".

    1. Traditions are the best! I have 1.5 years left, not that I am counting or anything :) I am working on my Master's in Speech Pathology.


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