Tuesday, November 10, 2015

How To Write a Standout Personal Statement

Personal Statement Template

The dreaded personal statement. I intentionally saved my personal statement for last. I mean everything was ready to turn in except the personal statement last. I dreaded the struggle of humbly bragging on myself enough to convince the admissions committee to let me in to graduate school. 

I searched around the internet for a easy-to-find template for a personal statement geared towards speech-pathology graduate programs. After a few duds, I stumbled upon a few really good sites. I mixed and matched until I created my own template. I followed this format for my own personal statement. I want to point out that this is what worked for me, but by no means believe that this is the only "right" way to write a personal statement. 
I would also like to add that I had my personal statement edited by peers, my parents and one of my professors who I asked to write my recommendation letter. Their input was very much appreciated, and I suggest you take the time to get yours edited before clicking "submit".

Here is the format I followed: 

Applying to grad school during senior year isn't easy. But I promise it'll be worth it, friends.
Please feel free to your advice or questions below :)


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