Tuesday, November 17, 2015

10 Best Resources for GRE Prep


Eek! The GRE can be scary, especially when you need a high score to even be a teeny bit competitive for grad school. 

To help ease the tension,I decided to share some of the top web resources I found when preparing for the GRE.
The sources are not ranked by favorites (although, I certainly highlight ones I love)

1. Peak Test Prep

This website had VERY insightful tips about structuring your essay and practicing the writing process.

2. Bench Prep

Bench Prep was BY FAR the website I used the most when I was studying for the GRE. I loved that I could download the app and pick up where I left off on the practice questions while riding the bus to campus. It helped make the words from the practice books "jump" off the page.
Also, Groupon had a great coupon code that I used so that it would be reasonable for college student's budgets.

3. Magoosh

Magoosh has a great website that offers several helpful tips daily! All it takes is an email signup & you receive tips directly into your inbox

4. Mometrix GRE Prep

Need a few Math Refreshers for Quantitative Reasoning? This site has you covered, AND WITH video explanations to boot. It's a great way to mix up modalities for students who learn better visually.

5. Kaplan Practice Test

Feel like your ready to see if your studying has paid off??
Save yourself $200 ( the cost of the GRE) and take a FREE practice test.
Taking a free practice test can let you know where your performance is, and save yourself from having to take and pay for the GRE twice.

6. Create a Study Plan

If your like me, you'll want to make a plan to study for the GRE. I don't recommend cramming for this test AT ALL! I liked having a plan to stick too!

7. Expert Beacon Post

This site offers great Do's & Don'ts of preparation for the GRE. I followed some (but not all) of the tips.

8. Vocabulary Workshop

Need some practice on Vocabulary words? This site has 2000+ of words to practice for the GRE.

9. Exam Life Hacks

I agree with a lot of tips on this site. I added the shareable infographic to the page for your conveinence.
Exam Lifehacks: 18 Unexpected Tips for a Higher Score #infographic

A thing of note, the night before the test, make sure to take the night off & RELAX!

10. Real College Student of Atlanta

When I first searched Pinterest, this site came up, and it was a great starting point for me.
Check out her site for some really great tips!

My  own hint would be to take the GRE when you schedule is least taxing. For me, that was the summer before my senior year of college. I HIGHLY recommend that you don't wait until you the beginning of the school year when you are balancing school, applications, and extra curricular activities.

Hope all of these sites help & as always feel free to leave your questions!
Good luck!


  1. I'd even recommend some of the classic papers or surveys of classic papers as reading material over a general subject test.

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