Friday, October 23, 2015

Friday Favorites:


We are officially 2 months and 2 days from Christmas! Yayy! 
My statement of the week has been: Is it December yet? Because December brings Christmas and Christmas means no school...See my logic? 
I came back from Fall break and I have been mentally checked out. Here's to hoping I find some motivation this weekend, because it's crunch time, friends.
So here's a quick version of my Friday Favorites.

I am linking up some of my favorites,  AndreaErika & Narci.


Fall BREAK! I enjoyed some much needed rest, and pretty much spent the rest of the week at the doctor. Life Lesson: Don't put off routine check-ups.
Returning back to school? ehh, not a favorite!
It's the Grad Life


I downloaded the first 5 app and I love the daily Bible study lesson. The picture below is from one this past week. It's amazing how His timing is perfect, and planned purposefully. I am a planner by nature, and I want to orchestrate every little detail (type a problems) and it often fails to follow through. I am ever grateful that He has my life plan in His hands.


Zack and I were very fortunate to have quality time together last week. We ate at Bruegger's Bagels  for his birthday breakfast last week. I am pretty sure we have been celebrating his birthday for two weeks now! ;) Mine is in 4 months, not that I'm counting...

It's the Grad Life


Oh Libby, the Liberty.
We are parting ways soon :(
I love my car, and  she has been through a whole lot with me (vigorous mountain driving and snowstorms). I am sad to see her go, but ready for something a little more reliable!
It's the Grad Life


 This is the only picture I have from our pumpkin carving adventure. My pumpkin had a crooked bucktooth. It is hard to convince Zack to pose for me in a picture, but I managed to snap this one. I love how a quick selfie can turn into one of your favorite photos!
I even have it on my phone's home screen. :)

Well that's it friends, I hope everyone has a great weekend! 
Zack's team has a bye this week, so we are enjoying a Friday night date :) That's definitely a favorite!


  1. What is this First5 app you speak of?

    1. Hey! It's an App from Proverbs 31 ministries, and it's meant to be a devotional for your "first Five" minutes of your day. They have small moments, and longer devotionals. I love it! :) It's free in the App store, just search first 5.

  2. I want that bagel sandwich...yum! Yay for Friday date night! Have fun!


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