Friday, October 2, 2015

Friday Favorites


It's Fri-YAY in my book.
I am beyond excited that it's Friday! One more week until Fall Break *party dance*

Today I am linking up to share my Friday Favorites with AndreaErika & Narci


First Favorite this week is my Olive Vest (Merona) from Target. It's currently sold out, but has been my best investment piece to date. 

 I love pairing it with Cognac.

Olive Vest Outfit Friday Favorites

Shop the look: 

It's the Grad Life Olive Vest Outfit
Shop the look by clicking the item: 
Like I said earlier, this same vest is sold out, but here are some great ( & affordable) options!
Nurture Military-Style Utility Vest • $89
FOREVER 21 Linen Utility Vest • $29.90
Sebby Utility Vest • $39.97
Maison Jules Quilted Faux-Leather-Trim Vest • $79.50


A starbucks opened 5 miles from my house & I couldn't be more excited. If I am going to splurge on the expensive coffee, I like to use my app so I can earn *stars*. I have to admit the PSL is not my favorite, but the cups are sure darling. I am more of a toasted graham latte fan :)  
It's the Grad Life Starbucks Fall


My first Rocksbox arrived this past week. I loved this ring they had in it. I like, but don't love the other items. I have a full blog post review planned on this, but wanted to share a sneak peek.
Also, I went with my first Fall nail color at the salon last week. I love the Essie Moccachino (I am so not sure how this should be spelled) and I thought the gel color I have on is similar to it.
ps. those are my real nails. My nail technician works his magic for sure!

It's the Grad Life
If you are interested in a FREE month of jewelry on me, check out Rocksbox here 
And enter promo code: caitlinbff255  at checkout. 
The best part about Rocksbox is that you can opt out of the subscription at ANY time. 


Spending time with my dad is a definite favorite. I went to my first NFL game recently, can you guess what team we saw play?

It's the Grad Life
Dad is the most practical person I know, I am blessed to have him lead our family so diligently. 


Mia is cracking me up lately. She believes she is a human, and now expects to get real people food & sit on couches. I wonder who taught her all these things ;) She is loved for sure...
It's the Grad Life

In this picture, she is sitting on our sun-porch watching the rabbits in the yard. She enjoys the chase, especially because they always seem to outsmart her!

Thanks for stopping by to read my Friday Favorites. 
Next week I will be sharing Fall Friday Favorites (How's that for alliteration?) 
Enjoy your weekend!


  1. I love your nail color! Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Glad I'm not the only one that's not a huge PSL fan! I'm more of a hot chocolate girl :)

    1. You can never go wrong with hot chocolate!

  3. Love the outfits you created with the vest! I'm wearing my similar vest as I type this. :) I also love the fall cups and using the Rewards app! My TGL was free this morning, which made for a good start to the day!

    1. I swear free drinks always taste better ;)

  4. I absolutely love that grey nail color!

  5. That nail color is perfect! And Mia looks like she's enjoying herself and making herself quite comfortable on that couch! :)


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