Monday, September 21, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up: Football, Food & Shopping

There's light at the end of the tunnel! 
Tomorrow wraps up the end of my first set of exams... Whew! 

This weekend can be wrapped up in four words: Football, Food, Family, & Shopping.


Football weekends for us start on Thursday and extend until Monday. Thursday, Zack's JV team had an away game I didn't go to, well they won! He is now 2-2, the 2 losses were games I attended. Now I have been "banned" from coming to those games for superstition purposes. It just so happens that Scandal comes back on Thursday, so naturally I am so upset to have to miss the game ;) 
Friday we were under the lights again, I even wore a new necklace and that didn't help the mojo. 

His team colors are Navy & what I call Sugar Jet blue (A sugar jet, is the girl's sport's name, we were given this nickname about 50 years ago). I try to incorporate at least one of those colors into my outfit each Friday. 
I picked up this top from Target last week, and got an extra 25% off with my cartwheel app. I paired it with my football helmet necklace from Charming Charlie's 

It's the Grad Life: Football, Food & Shopping

It's the Grad Life: Football, Food & Shopping

Shop the look for yourself: 

On Saturday, I studied & picked up my new phone. 
I am so excited for a new phone, isn't she pretty?
It's the Grad Life: Football, Food & Shopping

After the phone, we went to Target, and I found a whole basket full of goodies.

It's the Grad Life: Football, Food & Shopping

2 Things I have to mention: I got that huge laminated roll for $4.18, originally $44.99! It's my biggest bargain ever! Also, I am now addicted to Caramel Apple Twizzlers (Thanks, Amber), seriously go try them. I don't like regular twizzlers but these are amazing & a perfect Fall flavored treat.

We spent the rest of the afternoon watching football, and I played with my new phone :) It was a win-win for all!

I also made Taco Salad for dinner. I could eat Mexican food everyday and not get tired of it
#passthequeso ;)

It's the Grad Life: Football, Food & Shopping

It's the Grad Life: Football, Food & Shopping

Sunday was a day of rest well spent. I ate lots of food & studied my butt off while football was on in the background. I didn't capture any moments on Sunday, heck I didn't even put make up on ;)

This week I am featuring a beautiful print I was gifted from Yay Prints. Stay tuned for the full post & an apartment tour!


  1. Caramel apple Twizzlers sound sooo good! Definitely going to keep my eye out for them. It's funny how superstitious people can be about sports. Last night when the Packers won, Michael, myself, and both of our dogs were wearing Packers gear. So he was like, "Okay, we all have to wear the same thing for every game and sit in the exact same spots on the couch." Hahaha.


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