Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday Favorites


Oh I am so happy to see Friday. We made it!
I am linking up with Andrea, Erika,  & Narci to share my favorite moments from this week.

Today I am linking up to share my Friday Favorites with Andrea, Erika & Narci


It's finally Fall! It was over 80 degrees on Wednesday, but I noticed that there was a little bit of color on the mountains. YES! Fall has become my favorite season. Something about football, sweaters, booties, & apple cider just makes my heart sing.
It's the Grad Life: Friday Favorites

Speaking of making my heart sing, I am dying over these Caramel Apple twizzlers. Go to target and buy them, actually buy two packs. I may be hoarding them this weekend ;)
It's the Grad Life: Friday Favorites


I love this combination. Wine, Olive, Leopard & Burlap. 
It's a favorite that I can break out my fall items. It's taking all I have not to break out the scarves ;)

It's the Grad Life: Friday Favorites


My parents are my favorite! They came to school and took me out to dinner during my stressful exam week. This pizza place is a new favorite!! It was so good, and I had lunch the next day too. 
It's the Grad Life: Friday Favorites


I laughed way to hard at this e-card. I have kept my mouth shut this football season, but I sometimes get into crazy protective mode over Zack. I know how much effort, time and concern he has for his players. It really stinks when people question that dedication. Let's hope (&pray) that the negativity stays away! Winning sure helps this ;)


On Wednesday, I did a "mini" tour of my apartment. Here's the link to the whole post, but I wanted to share my favorite part of the whole bathroom. I was gifted this beautiful print from Yay prints. I love looking at it as a beautiful reminder of my happy place everyday. 

It's the Grad Life: Friday Favorites

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend. 
I am headed to office hours, and then to my new endocrinologist.
Please say a prayer that I don't pass out with the blood work. :) 


  1. How sweet of your parents to come take you out to dinner! Yay for fall!

  2. Wine, olive, leopard and burlap is seriously an ideal combo. LOVE fall colors and outfits so much! Also I haven't looked for those dang Twizzlers yet! Thanks for the reminder. :) I think I'll look on my lunch break! Have a great weekend!

  3. That is the cutest outfit! Also, my mom is coming to visit me next weekend and I can't wait. Family is the best :) Idk what I think about caramel apple Twizzlers...definitely intrigued!


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