Friday, August 14, 2015

Friday Favorites: Summer's Ending

~Happy Friday~

I move TOMORROW! Ask me if I'm all packed and ready.... I'm sure it's a huge surprise that I'm not! I have big plans of finishing that up this afternoon. 
Wednesday morning, I dug out everything from the basement, and began the organization process. I also picked out all of the clothes I am bringing...The clothes typically takes the longest for me to decide on, so I am thankful for that part to be over! 

This morning, I have a little me time, and I am getting my hair & nails done before school starts. It's nice to take the extra pampering in preparation for a grueling semester. (grueling sounds harsh, but I just looked at a few syllabi and that's a perfect adjective! ;)

&  Today, I'm linking up with some of my favorites Andrea, Erika & Narci to share about my favorite moments this week :)

Family is a forever favorite. 
My mom has been spending extra time with her daddy in Delaware. He has had a relatively good week, but I know she will always treasure the extra time spent with him. In all honesty, it was said that he wouldn't make it to his birthday, but on Monday, he will be 83. Monday is also my parents 24th wedding anniversary!! & at the end of the month, my grandparents will be married for 58 years! (and they had 11 kids!) 

One of my favorite pictures (Mom's Family around 1970, only 8 children then)
Mom is bottom left with pigtails ;)

I am so blessed to have wonderful examples of true love in my life. 

Dad & I have had a lot of time together this week! It's always a favorite to spend time with him. He is so knowledgeable and practical with everyday stuff.
This week, we had a huge (35+) watermelon in his garden. We have had squash, tomatoes, blueberries & cucumbers this year.
In this picture, you can see some of his 150 blueberry plants in the background. 

Huge Watermelon=Huge Slices

Pinterest memes have kept me laughing this week!

Here are a few favorites I have found: 

On Sunday, I participated in my first Instagram Giveaway! It was such a fun experience. I ended up gaining over 100 followers in less than 24 hours. 

If we aren't instagram friends yet, we should be!
Follow me here :) 

My last favorite this week is date night! Zack has an away football scrimmage on Friday, so we went out tonight. We had a quick dinner at Cheddar's, I picked up some last minute items & we stopped at Krispy Kreme. 
Can't get much better than Donuts & Date Nights :)

Have a great weekend! If you think about it, can you say a prayer for my move this weekend.


  1. Sounds like you & your mom both have had time with your dads that you will treasure! Your date night sounds really fun! Good luck with your move this weekend :)

  2. Love all the family favorites! :) And your dad's garden is huge!! Those memes from Pinterest are great!


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