Tuesday, August 4, 2015

August Goals

August, already?

This Summer flew by! It's August & back to school stuff is all over Target. I have even seen & maybe purchased  Fall decor items at Hobby Lobby. 
I am already a few days into August, but loved setting goals for July & see what I actually accomplished. I decided I want to continue this, so today I am sharing my August Goals :) 

But first, a little recap of my July goals...

1. Finish watching the Blacklist

Well, I watched another episode ;) I got hooked on parenthood at the beach, and it's a little "lighter" of a series, so I have been working my way through that. 

2. Host a Yard Sale

Check, -kinda- I didn't host a yardsale, but I loaded my stuff up and went to the flea market, and sold over $200 worth of stuff. So I met my goal with a little bit less work. :)

3. Organize my Apartment Stuff 

Check, I have the stuff to pack narrowed down to an area, & just need to buy a few more items. 

4. Turn off Social media on Vacation

Check, we spent everyday on the beach with a book or just hanging out without cellphones :) 

5. Find a new book series

I didn't find a series per se, I did find a couple of picks on the free list from Amazon. It's hard to resist free, but I have to be careful with the $2.99 ones, they really add up!

6. Take a CPR Class

Check! & my CPR card has already come in the mail.

7. Start IKEA Rast hack

Nope, I have decided I might hold off for a little bit on this one. 

8. Shop the Nordstrom Sale!

CHECK! :) This was an easy one! I really scored with some items & some early Christmas presents :) 

9. Pray More, Love More

Check. I have been so much more intentional with my prayers this month, and it has been a blessing.  My family could use some prayers in this season of our life, and we all have been fortunate enough to spend some time together and with Grandpa. Praying more has naturally led me to loving more and my heart is so full!

Thanks for sticking around!

Now onto August

1.Finish School Paperwork

I have to meet with several people to fill out last minute paperwork before school starts. I need to go to the ODS office & make an accommodation plan for diabetes, and also sign some paperwork for my graduate assistantship. After this is done, I feel like I will be completely ready to start school :) 

2. Move in & Start Grad School

Not only is this an easy one to check off my list, I am getting excited about starting school. I can't believe we are already to August! I am so excited to meet my new cohort. 

Linguist Llama - love this!! - Re-pinned by @PediaStaff – Please Visit http://ht.ly/63sNt for all our pediatric therapy pins
I'm now relying on some SLP humor to get me through ;)

3. Squeeze in date nights

Summer is almost finished, and then we go back to our busy time. I love that we can have unlimited date nights & we want to take full advantage of our free time!

4. Send out happy mail

I love sending out packages & can't wait to send some happy mail to my friends. Even though we won't be returning to 923, I want to stay in touch with my roommates. Snail Mail is so much fun :) 
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5. Read a Book

I have a few books on my Amazon wishlist that I want to read. During the school year, I feel like if I am reading, I should be reading those dreaded textbooks & I want to enjoy one last fun book before Summer is over... I have recently read some of Liane Moriarty's books and loved them. 
Do you have any favorites of her series?

6. Love on my family

The end of July has been a rough month. I am glad to get some extra quality time with my family. They sure are my favorites. 
It's a little blurry, but the most recent picture of us!

I'll be back tomorrow to share What I wore 


  1. My favorite Moriarty book is What Alice Forgot! (I've read that one, The Husband's Secret, and Three Wishes.) I plan on reading her other two books too! Date nights and family time are super important goals. I hope you get a lot of both of those in August. :)

  2. Nice to meet you Baby Isabella! sophie love Melissa and Doug too!

    liz @ sundays with sophie


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