Friday, June 12, 2015

Favorite Beach Bag Essentials

Happy Friday ya'll! 

It has been one hectic week!! I have begun a new workout program with Zack, and it's kicking my rear. The thing about doing new workouts, means adjusting the poor family has dealt with some brutal lows and the bitter attitude that goes along with figuring out new ratios.

Today I am  linking up with ErikaAndrea & Narci to share my beach bag favorites

&&& linking up for the FIRST TIME with April of A. Liz Adventures for the 5 on Friday!

Now on to my top 5 Beach Bag Essentials :)

Well, I guess we better start off with a beach bag.  My best friend gave me this as a graduation gift. Isn't this the most precious bag you ever did see?

It's the Grad Life

Our new outlet opened recently and it's been a problem.
 I also am hoping to buy this  beach towel before we leave :) 
(the color looks different, but the beach towel matches the pattern)
Vera Bradley Beach Towel (Petal Paisley)

You can buy it on Amazon, too! 
Seashore Petal Paisley Tote: here
Petal Paisley Towel: here

Before I share the next one, I want to post a disclaimer. I am all about actual paper books, they are absolutely my favorite...but at the beach, I prefer my kindle. I don't have to bring as many with me and I don't have to worry about it getting wet either.
Also, I like buying an easy beach read for free or $1.99.
So my next beach favorite, is my Kindle :)
I was gifted this 4 years ago for graduation, and I love that it's the paperwhite. I have a iPad, so  I enjoy the simple features this offers.
Read more about them here

My poor contacts couldn't survive the beach with out my sunglasses . Now remember, I am about as coordinated as a baby giraffe, so I am constantly dropping my sunglasses. Therefore, I stick to the cheap options.. I picked up these Jessica Simpson aviators at Tj maxx this spring for about $8 (yay,  clearance) and amazingly they are still in one piece. They are a top-5 Favorite!

Jessica Simpson Link Temple Aviator Sunglasses
Find them here

I also love this new Neutrogena beach defense sunscreen, it gives good coverage without being sticky! Another favorite is my dry shampoo. 
Dry shampoo is a must for this curly headed mop. On days I'm not getting in the water, it soaks up the shiny, and smells great!

Last but not least, I get to pack my doggie, Mia. Although she doesn't fit in my beach bag. She sure is my favorite ;)

She is ready to go! 

I hope everyone has a great weekend.
Can't wait to share all about my OBX trip when I get back :)


  1. Visiting from the link up! I love that paisley beach towel! Cute towels are my favourite beach accessory.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I love a cute beach towel. too! :)

  2. I'm all about cheap sunnies! They look pretty much the exact same and I'm always losing them or breaking them or scratching them. I love your aviators!

    1. Thank you for stopping by! I love them too, and I didn't think I was the aviator "type" ;)

  3. I just bought a cheap pair of aviators today! I had a pair from Kohls that I somehow managed to hang onto for ALMOST a year and then I left them at a restaurant. They were my favorite so I'm hoping the pair I got today lives up to my standards;) Ha! Have so much fun at the beach!

    1. Thank you! I'm sorry about your sunglasses, it always stinks to lose a favorite pair! :( I hope you had a great weekend :)

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