Wednesday, May 27, 2015

What's Up Wednesday: May

Happy Wednesday!

Today, I am linking up for the first time with ShayMel and Shaeffer.

Instead of my normal WIWW post, I am sharing "What's up" in my life :) 

1. What I'm Eating

In honor of my Graduation Trip, I had to highlight the best desserts. 

Key Lime pie from Mrs. Mac's Kitchen!

 Molten Chocolate Cake from Skipper's Dockside in Key Largo

 In Key West, we did a lot of walking, so my blood sugar bottomed out... sooo we "had" to get a chocolate torte from Blue Heaven to bring it up ;)
ps. Do you see how the whipped cream had melted...yes, it really was that hot.

2. What I'm Reminiscing about

I can't believe I am all moved out of 923! We have a lot of good memories, and I have caught myself saying "when I go back", and then cringing because I won't be... :(
My last when you pack up all your other clothes, you may look like a camp counselor ;)

3.What I'm loving

I am loving summertime. I cherish the moments where I get to spend unlimited time with Zack, my family & friends. 
On Monday, we hosted a Memorial Day/Grad celebration with some of my favorite people! 
( I was caught up being a hostess and completely forgot to take pictures #boo!) 

Pictures from July 4th last year:

This picture cracks me up: 

4.What I've been up to

Well... I have been on vacation in Florida, and hosting Memorial Day parties ;)

5.What I'm dreading

I am dreading getting back to the swing of things. The week after vacation is always the worst!
Coffee is my motivation! :)

6. What I'm working on

Since school is out, I am working on updating the blog. This month, I am focusing on leaving meaningful comments, and joining other communities. 

7. What I'm Excited about

I am excited for summer! Bonfires, beach trips & park visits.
Summer is my favorite time of year because it's about the only time I truly relax #typeaproblems
Here are a few favorite memories from last year:

8. What I'm Reading/Watching

I am watching House of Cards with Zack, and finishing up Season 2 of the Blacklist.
I have bought a couple books on my kindle while on vacation that I am finishing up... I've got a few books I am thinking about picking up for the beach (I love suggestions )

Thanks a lot, Netflix / House of Cards, for yesterday's heartattack

9. What I'm listening to

I don't typically have music playing, I need total silence to be productive... So right now, I am listening to Zack talk football, I am learning the x's & o's whether I want too or not ;) 

10. What I'm Wearing

I pulled this together yesterday to run errands with my sister. I think the wedges pulled together the tee & white capris,
I feel like this is a common "outfit formula" for summer.

11. What I'm doing this weekend

This weekend, we are going to celebrate my best friend's birthday! We have been friends since we were 3 years old. We have done the big & little moments of life. I cherish our friendship so much.
We are trying to plan a getaway to Gatlinburg, TN this weekend :)

12. What I'm looking forward to next month

I am looking forward to visiting my happy place, OBX. 
What's up Wednesday post
My last visit in 2013.

13. What else new

This past weekend, I got to meet my new roommate!!! It felt like the first step in a new chapter of my life... I am excited to start grad school in Fall :)

Bonus: What's your favorite thing to grill??

Well... I'm as coordinated as a baby giraffe so I haven't exactly grilled on my own. But I LOVE grilled pineapple. I swear it makes it sweeter. :)

Thank you ladies for such a fun post idea!
& Thanks for reading "What's up" in my life!
Have a great week ;)


  1. I just found your blog from the link up and it's so cute! If you're looking for a good book, my book club just finished We Were Liars and it was very interesting! It took me a while to figure it out. And we just got back from Gulf Shores and we head to Orange Beach in June!
    Sarah at

    1. Have a great trip!! I will have to check it out, love book suggestions :)

  2. Those desserts look amazing. Now I want pie!
    We are starting House of Cards also!
    Thanks for linking up with us! :)

    1. Thanks for hosting a fun link up! It's been fun to read all the posts :)

  3. Oh man I could go for all of those desserts right now! Cute outfit! And have fun at the beach!

    1. Thank you! I'm always excited for a vacation :) Have a great week!


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