Wednesday, April 8, 2015

WIWW: Easter Sunday Edtion

Yay! It's Wednesday!

App State is so good to me! We have had an extended weekend & so Thursday is my only day of classes this week. Yay!
But...Senioritis is the real deal, and I have super procrastinated writing the results on my honors thesis.

But first, my WIWW post!

This year, Easter was a little chilly, so I went with a maxi dress & sweater.
I love this dress & it's long enough! It's bad when maxi dresses are high-waters. 

I stacked jewelry pieces I already had, including stuff from my favorite, Etc Consignment!

My Wedges came from Etc Consignment

Look-For-Less Cost Round-up:

Dress: TJ Maxx, Size 10, $29.99, Find it here. (online the dress costs $34.99)
Sweater: Old Navy, Size L, $14.99, Find it here
Shoes: Etc. Consignment, Size 10, $7.25 (I love 75% off!), learn about Etc. here

Total: $53.23!
I like this price, especially when I can get multiple uses out of each item!


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