Wednesday, April 29, 2015

What's Up Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday!

Today, I am linking up for the first time with Shay, Mel and Shaeffer.

Instead of my normal WIWW post, I am sharing "What's up" in my life :) 

1. What I'm Eating

Oh boy! This is a good one. I have 2 random favorites right now.
The first one is Naan Bread from Harris Teeter. I definitely maybe eat the whole loaf myself ;)

#2 is my new favorite carb free snack!
Sometimes, I want to eat a snack in between meals, but don't want to worry about putting insulin in. I love carrots, especially with this new mango chipotle dressing!

2. What I'm Reminiscing about

This one is easy! I graduate in less than 2 weeks. I can't believe how time has just flown. I am reminiscing about the past 4 years at App State!
This picture was taken on my very first day of college! (notice the name tag)  

3.What I'm loving

I am loving this Spring weather! FINALLY! 
I got to run outside on the greenway this week!

And at home we had the front yard bloom :) 

4.What Ive been up to

My Aunt Cat came to visit me. We had a great girls weekend! She even helped me find (and buy) my graduation dress (more to come soon)

5.What I'm dreading

Well, I am dreading this thesis defense. I am SUPER nervous. 
But, I am so ready to be DONE! 
I'll keep you updated on how it goes ;)

6. What I'm working on

I am currently working on last minute school stuff. I swear this has been my view for way too long!

7. What I'm Excited about

I am excited to be reunited with my roomie Emerald! She has been in Costa Rica student teaching because she's a superstar.
She comes back on Monday's and I can guarantee we will be hitting up Chili's soon ;)

8. What I'm Reading

I started reading this last week, and just got to the good part. I thought the plot would be predictable, Nope, I wasn't even close. 
So far, I definitely recommend!

9. What I'm listening too

I have been listening to My Reedemer Lives Radio on iTunes. Sometimes, you just need a breather to remember how blessed you are.

10. What I'm Wearing

I practically have lived in this Old Navy maxi-dress I featured last week. It's so comfy!!!
Check out the whole post here

11. What I'm doing this weekend

This weekend, I don't have to much planned. I know we have Date Night to see the Avengers :)

12. What I'm looking forward to next month

Well 2 major things. 1st I graduate!!!
2nd: My Auntie Ba is taking me on a graduation trip, and I get to swim with the dolphins!
#bestillmyheart #butreally

13. What else new

Speaking of graduation, look what I picked up today!!!!

Bonus: What I'm getting mom for Mother's Day?

Today, the bonus question is what I'm getting my mama for Mother's Day? Well, I want to spill all the details but I am going to have to wait until May 10th.

I figured I had to do something special since I graduate that day!
Hint: It is inspired by the "I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living my baby you'll be" book ;)
 The link to the present is here, everybody but mom can click to shop! :)

Thank you ladies for such a fun post idea!
& Thanks for reading "What's up" in my life!
Have a great week ;)


  1. Hi, Caitlin! Just stopping by from the link up. I love your maxi! So adorable! And congratulations on graduating! Have a wonderful day. :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by! It's by far the most comfortable thing I've owned :) Have a great weekend


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