Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Weekend Wrap-up

Hey everyone! 

I hope you had a great Easter! 

This weekend went by so quickly!

On Friday dad and I visited the ETSU Speech-Pathology Program
Then we all went out to dinner! 
My sister, Erin & her boyfriend Patrick were in town for Easter break.

Saturday we had a big breakfast & then went to Etc to find my sister some jewelry.

Somehow, I convinced Zack to come with me for a pedicure. Maybe one day, I'll convince him to actually get one! lol 
He sent this to me while he was waiting! 
I laughed way to hard!

Easter Sunday we went to church. 

 then headed to Zack's Mamaw's for lunch.
She spoiled us rotten, of course!

After this, we headed to an early dinner at my "non-biological" mama's house. 
Her Key Lime Pie is to die for!

We ended with a quiet night, I visited WCU's Speech-Pathology program on Monday morning, and went back to work that afternoon!

Be back with my WIWW Wednesday post!


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