Tuesday, April 21, 2015

10 Tips for applying to Grad School

Hi Everyone!

 I have a few months before I actually start Graduate school, and I am currently deciding on where I will go. Eek, it’s so stressful! 
I thought I should start off by sharing my journey to this point and advice I recommend and the tips that aren’t that helpful!

So this will be the 1st part in a 2 part series about planning for the graduate school application process. (I plan to share my tips for each part of the application later on)
Now, I am a future #SLP2B so my advice will cater to this field, but most graduate school programs have similar requirements.

So here are my 1st 5 tips on preparing yourself for the application process:

1. Be organized

        I can NOT stress this one enough. I work so much better when everything is nice and neat. I started out by organizing a binder with several tabs for all the sections I would need. (I will explain more about the tabs later).

      2. Start Early.

       I started researching programs spring of 2014, (I began applying Fall of 2014). I was open-minded to a lot of programs at this point. I began to weed out programs during summer 2014.

3.      Decide what you want in a Grad-School.

  Do you want to work with kids? Do swallowing disorders peak your interest? Are you interested in a study-abroad program? Are you bilingual & want a program that caters to this? Do you have plans to pursue a PhD in the future? These are all questions you should be thinking about when deciding on a program.

4.      Decide on a List of Schools you want to Apply to

This should be long & can be narrowed down later. According to the January publication of ASHA, the current acceptance rate into graduate school for SLP’s is 20%! That means 1 in 5 gets in! So my advice is to apply to at least 5 schools!

5.      Begin to plan your budget.

Of the schools on your list, research the cost. How much per year in tuition? Do they offer assistantships & scholarships? How much does the application cost. Figuring out this really helped me narrow my list down to about 6 schools.

Here is a Pinterest graphic to save :)

I got a little lengthy, so next time I will share the next 5 tips!   
Are you planning on going to grad school? Have you already applied!
Feel free to share tips & questions :)  


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