Thursday, March 26, 2015

7 Step DIY Easter Wreath

Easter Wreath

Today I am sharing with you how to make a mesh wreath. Since Easter is right around the corner, I wanted to make a wreath that would make our apartment feel morel like spring. I love to craft, and with all the snow this semester, I have had plenty of time to dream up new craft projects.

I got the majority of my supplies from Michaels, but I dream of shopping at Hobby Lobby. Michaels can get super expensive, so I recommend signing up for their email to get their coupons!

Ok here goes:

Step 1: Make Wreath Form

You can buy a wreath form but I chose to make one because it's a lot cheaper.
I bought a set of $1 Pipe Cleaners and a metal wreath form for $2.99. I chose pipe cleaners that match the base layer of mesh. (in my case green)

I took pipe cleaners and looped 1 around the second wire, making sure to leave a tail. In order to have a big enough tail I only twisted twice. I moved up to the 3rd wire and looped another pipe cleaner. I tried to space the pipe cleaners evenly throughout the section,

Step 2: Add the base layer of mesh

I chose to use green as the base layer. This should be is your largest roll. Choose a pipe cleaner on the 2nd wire. This will be your starting place.
Gather your mesh into a bundle. Wrap your pipe cleaner around it, similar to tying a bread tie. Make sure to leave a tail again for the next layer of mesh

Step 2.2: Continue along the inner rim 

(second row of wire), leaving 5-6 inches between pipe cleaner loops


Don't forget to leave "tails" on your pipe cleaner, see below

Step 3: Add mesh to the outer layer

Once you reach your starting point on your inner layer, (don't cut just yet) but continue on to the next layer (the 3rd layer of wire)


The Mesh will take its own shape. I'm a perfectionist, so I tried to fluff as I went, and it works way better if you just let it take shape

Step 4: Add the 2nd layer of mesh. 

I used yellow, and repeated the process of Step 2 &3

Step 5: (Optional) Add the 3rd layer of mesh

I prefer the 3rd layer because it adds fullness to the wreath.  I chose a hot pink for this one.
If you prefer 2 colors, skip this step.
Repeat steps 2 &3 on the 3rd layer

Step 6: Tuck the leftover pipe cleaners

I tucked the leftover pipe cleaners into the back. The "tails" of the pipe cleaner can be cut, but I think it added extra security to the mesh.

Step 7: Fillers

This part is completely up to you! I thought about putting a bow on it, but I didn't find any ribbon I particularly liked.
Instead, I bought some Easter "fillers".

Walmart Goodies:

Michael's Find:

Finished Wreath:

7 Steps
Total Time: 1 Hour
~45 min for Mesh
~15 min for Fillers

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