Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Tuesday Talk: March

Happy Tuesday, friends!

I am joining in the Tuesday Talk...Ashley & Erika  have started a link-up to share about ANYTHING we want to talk about. 

This month I want to talk about my 


This weekend I was showered with love like no other from the BEST women. I cannot put into words how FABULOUS it was to have my very favorite people from all facets of my life in one room.

Andrea hosted my shower at the Lion Crest on the Biltmore Estate. 

The table was gorgeous, and the food was even better!

My Kate Spade cake was perfect!! 

My beautiful hostesses. We have been friends since pre-school!

My best friend & MOH 

Two of my bridesmaids (my sister & Delaney)

My sister & Momma

My "new" bouquet

My Bridal party, dressed in their wedding dresses! 

What was your favorite part of you wedding shower? Or best shower you've been too??

Thanks for a fun link-up!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

10 websites for cheap & easy meals

Hey ya'll!

I don't know if you know this or not.... but I'm a grad student! (I guess you might have figured that out from my blog name). I am always on the hunt for cheap (student budget, what?) and quick meals. I would love to say I have tons of time to spend in the kitchen...but I don't! I am always hunting for new recipes that fit my budget and my schedule. 
I wanted to share with you my top 10 websites I visit when I need a little inspriation


  The Girl Who Ate Everything : Cheap & Easy Meals

She has been an absolute favorite from Pinterest and her recipes hit the spot every time!


 Mix and Match Mama

Shay has had the best recipes for years. I linked her site, and you can scroll down to the side menu and she has so perfectly labeled all her food posts! I often search her "Italian" section when I am craving some pasta!
She also has the perfect cookbooks for sale on Amazon:

Meal Planner

Good Eats


Corey's Family Favorites have become my favorites! I love a good comfort meal, and she's got you covered!


Carrie has a whole blog dedicated to cheap meals for families. She even includes money saving tips!


The name says it all, but there's freezer options, whole 30 and a frugal pantry option! Jessica is so organized and her recipes are easy to follow.


I have used this website when I am looking for a quick casserole for church or football. Stephanie has a whole "football" Friday section. I love her story for "plain chicken" and I love her recipes even more!


I don't feel like I can have a recipe list without including the six sisters! Probably the most pinned website to my Pinterest! The million dollar spaghetti saved my tail this basketball season!


Allrecipes was my go -to when I was making meals for 15 kids 3x a week. They had my back with cheap meals for a large crowd. I also use them for when I cook for 2. It's a great site with so many options. 


The Frugal Girls shares recipes with only 5 ingredients! Heidi has great insight to cooking with limited time. She's a go-to when I need to use up items from the pantry. 


The Busy Budgeter's 15 minute meals are my jam. They are the perfect meal when you  have no time!

Need more inspiration? Check out my Pinterest Board for some more of my favorites! 

Do you have any go -to sites? Please leave your favorites in the comments!

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